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We want extraordinary people as Conscious Ambassadors. Join the movement.


Learn more about becoming an ambassador of The Conscious Generation 501(c)3.


Connect with like-minded people, and even advance to a volunteer, team member, or become part of the Conscious Generation advisory board.


We support our ambassadors by growing their socials so we can reach more people. Learn more about growing your account all while donating to The Conscious Generation.

What does an Ambassador do?

Create awareness + be an epic part of

The Conscious Generation.


Build lasting relationships by providing people with current information about TCG.

Recruit new ambassadors and make a larger impact


Post on Instagram at least 5 times a month (there are three ambassador tiers based on how much you are able to post + create awareness which we will discuss during the on-boarding)

Be part of the bi-weekly team meetings & get the latest in education to help support new district growth


Get videos + content to post on your own socials to elevate & expand The Conscious Generation's mission

Connect & Level Up

Ambassadors can advance to the next level based on their dedication, support, and performance.

Volunteers + Team Members

Volunteers and team members include idea generators, motivational speakers, writers, illustrators, authors, activists, educators, meditation and mindfulness advocates, directors, education policy holders, government officials, influencers, celebrities and other creative & entrepreneurial spirits. You will appear on our website and be part of collective energy, team calls, team building, and social strategy.

Advisory Board

Ambassadors who are on the Advisory Board can oversee the overall growth, structure, and direction of The Conscious Generation globally. Your name and credentials will be listed on our website.

Grow & Donate

Ambassadors can advance to the next tier based on their dedication, support, and performance.

Ambassador Tiers & The Elite

  • Tier I - posts 5x per month, tags us in the post + team check-ins

  • Tier II - posts 10x per month, tags us in the post + team check-ins

  • Tier III - posts 15x per month, tags us in the post + does 5 ig stories per week + monthly team calls

  • The Elite Ambassador - everything in Tier III + exclusive growth on social media to help find new people to inspire, create awareness, donate, and support our mission*

*Have a business or just starting? Or do you just want to help us in any way you can? This is a great way to help our organization and also give back to our Elite Ambassadors. Conscious Wolf is a partner of The Conscious Generation. We will grow your social accounts for as long as you're an Elite Ambassador! Think of us as your own personal social media company.

We believe in dreaming BIG and giving a helping hand when we can. As long as your an Elite Ambassador, your account will grow alongside ours. Dream Team in the making!

*Social Growth is for Elite Ambassadors only. More information will be sent following the submission of your application. Social growth is also optional as an Elite Ambassador.

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ps If you're looking to do more awesomeness than become an ambassador (e.g. volunteer, write, illustrate, advisory board, etc.), just let us know in the application we send you via email!

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